About Us

First podcast introducing the latest news and insights of ESG investing in China

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About us

China ESG is the first podcast focusing on investing sustainability in China. We ​search for the latest news, regulations, share the current situation, development and our insights of ESG investing in the Chinese market. 

You can read our researches on our website and listen to our bi-weekly podcast. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you won't miss any article post from us.


We are constantly looking for guest speakers and editors for our website and podcast. Please feel free to write us an email.

Consultancy Service

We also help companies and institutional investors to better understand the sustainability compliance requirement and ESG investing opportunities in the Chinese market.

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Our team


Yiwen He

ESG Market Research Specialist

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Lived and worked in Shanghai, London, New York and Paris over the past 10 years


  • Managed a global team of 50 people in a leading financial data firm 

  • Provided onsite consulting for banks and institutional investors in Asia and Europe

  • Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership certificate holder

  • CFA UK institute ESG investing certificate 

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Kiki Wang

ESG Market Research Specialist

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Lived and worked in Shanghai, studied and worked in the Netherlands and UK for 11 years 


  • Worked many years as a project manager in European leading banks

  • Have deep knowledge in consultancy as a Financial Specialist

  • Obtained Circular Economy certificate from Wageningen University & Research     

  • Obtained Global leadership in responsible investment (PRI) certificate

  • Have entrepreneurship experience in E-commercial Business as well as sustainable food & beverage industry where remains as an active shareholder


Benjamin Lu

Independant advisor

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From Shanghai, studied in Australia, France and now working in London

  • Worked in the Banking industry for the past ten years. 

  • Currently employed at HSBC London as associate director

  • MBA graduate from INSEAD

  • Second master degree at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (1st year)

  • Guest podcast speaker and blog contributor for China ESG


Yitong Yuan
ESG Analyst

Studied in UK, and now working in China

  • Master degree in International Business and Finance from ICMA Centre, University of Reading

  • Joined UN Graduate Study Program for Multilateralism topic research

  • Worked at UK Policy Tracker in London with research in UK Government Manifesto policies.