China ESG - Weekly News: China Investment Corporation issued the "Sustainable Investment Policy

Shanghai Data Exchange unveiled

Shanghai Data Exchange (SDE) was unveiled in the city’s Pudong New Area, representing the city’s ambitions to be a role model of data trading amid efforts to build Pudong into a modernisation pioneer area as required by the central authorities.

A total of 20 data products were listed on the exchange, covering eight industries including finance, transportation and communication. Electricity data cover a wide range of industries. Commercial banks can refer to the real-time and precise electricity data to come up with innovative financial products and services for companies.

Source: Jiemian News

China Investment Corporation (CIC) issued the "Sustainable Investment Policy"

he China Wealth Fund also refers to the release of sustainable wealth investment policies. As a national wealth fund, China Investment Corporation, as a national wealth fund, freely and continuously pays attention to ESG considerations in all areas of the investment process in order to achieve full coverage of investment, along with China's domestic and investment target countries Continue to study ESG standards with the actual development of the region.

Source: CIC

EU parliament prepares for vote on Digital Markets Act

The European Union is a step closer to imposing fresh regulations on digital giants, after proposed rule changes were approved by a committee of MEPs.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) sets out what restrictions ‘gatekeepers’ – companies with significant online influence like social media companies and search engines – can impose on other businesses and consumers.

The DMA, drafted by the European Commission in December 2020, faced lengthy delays while MEPs on the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) scrutinised its wording.

Source: Pincent Masons

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