China ESG - Weekly News: China national carbon trading market will be launched in June

​China: All financial activities should supplement financial supervision

On March 15th, President Xi presided over the ninth meeting of the Central Finance Committee to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy, and to achieve carbon peaks in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060 to replace the overall layout of the construction of ecological civilization. Speed up the improvement of platform economic laws and regulations, promptly correct gaps and loopholes in rules, strengthen the establishment of data ownership systems, and strengthen platform enterprises' data security responsibilities. It is necessary to improve the regulatory capacity and level, optimize the regulatory framework, realize the entire chain of supervision before and after the event, enrich the anti-monopoly supervision power, strengthen the authority of supervision, and all financial activities should supplement financial supervision.

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China national carbon trading market will be launched in June, the trading center in Shanghai, the registration center in Wuhan

The China ETS market will be launched in June 2021, consisting of the trading center in Shanghai and the carbon allowance registration in Hubei province.

The Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange stated that it will focus on three things:

The first is to complete the establishment of a national trading agency as soon as possible and realize the launch of the national carbon emissions trading on schedule;

The second is to explore and promote the development of carbon finance in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai's "five centers" construction, making it an important part of the construction of Shanghai's international financial center;

The third is to actively promote the construction of a climate investment and financing system, and strive for the establishment of a national climate investment and financing service platform in Shanghai.

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HK's list of approved ESG funds outperform rival strategies in 2020

Hong Kong funds focused on ESG investing realised a 28.7% return last year on average, besting other equities funds sold in the territory that posted an average return of 19.2% during the same year, according to Morningstar Research data.

The ESG funds achieved an average of three-year annalised returns of 12% and a five-year return of 14.1%. Equities funds, meanwhile, only managed to post a three-year return of 7.3% and a five-year return of 12.7%.

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