China ESG - Weekly news update: ESG fund flows see five-fold increase in Asia ex-Japan in Q4 2020

ESG fund flows see five-fold increase in Asia ex-Japan in Q4 2020

The Asia ex-Japan region saw a huge influx of asset flows into environmental, social and governance funds, growing to US$5 billion in the final quarter last year from US$1 billion in the previous quarter and propelling total sustainable fund assets in the region to US$25.4 billion.

Source: Ignite Asia

Refinitiv makes ESG company scores free, rolls out ESG voice app

Making ESG company scores freely available on Refinitiv’s public website enables anyone to see the ESG footprint, based on publicly disclosed data, of over 10,000 companies. For any company wanting to submit additional information, there is a contributor tool to enable a fully comprehensive dataset that encourages disclosure.

Source: Finextra

SGX expands sustainability initiatives with new ESG derivatives

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has, on Jan 25, launched its environmental, social and governance (ESG) derivatives under the SGX FIRST. The four new ESG derivatives, which are developed by SGX in partnership with FTSE Russell, are SGX FTSE Emerging ESG Index Futures, SGX FTSE Emerging Asia ESG Index Futures, SGX FTSE Asia ex Japan ESG Index Futures and SGX FTSE Blossom Japan Index Futures.

Source: theedgesingapore

PineBridge's ESG fund becomes one of Taiwan's largest bond strategies

A quantitative bond fund launched in Taiwan just one year ago by PineBridge Investments to tap global environmental, social and governance investment opportunities has become one of the largest investment-grade bond strategies in the local market.

Source: Ignite Asia

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