China ESG - Weekly news update June 2020 / 01

SEC Urged To Take Global Lead In Requiring ESG Disclosures 

The Securities and Exchange Commission should take theglobal lead in mandating material ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)disclosures, the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) urged today. “If theSEC does not take the lead, it is highly likely that other jurisdictions willimpose standards in the next few years that U.S. issuers will be bound tofollow, either directly or indirectly, due to the global nature of the flow ofinvestment into the US markets,” the panel said in a report. 

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Northward fund has accumulated a net purchase of more than 20 billion yuan in May 2020

This week, northbound capital inflowed for three consecutive days, with a cumulative net purchase of more than 7 billion yuan. The technology and consumer goods sectors are still the first choice, but consumer goods stocks have diverged internally.  

Since May 2020, the cumulative net inflow of funds going north has reached 22.186 billion yuan. Although there have been occasional fluctuations in northbound funds recently, overall net purchases have been maintained. Judging from the monthly flow of northbound funds, except for the substantial net outflow in March, the net inflow of northbound funds stabilized again in the past two months.

Since this month, the northward fund has accumulated a net purchase of more than 20 billion yuan. Wind statistics show that from the industry distribution of the amount of changes in capital holdings of northbound funds, the net purchase of information technology stocks exceeds 12 billion yuan, ranking the first; in addition, the purchase amount of non-staple consumer goods,healthcare, industry and other sectors is also large; The financial and staple consumer goods sectors have a larger reduction in positions.

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Wind and Deutsche Börse launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation 

On May 27th, representatives of Wind and Deutsche Börse held an online signing ceremony with Michael Peters, member of the Executive Board of the European Futures Exchange, and officially launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation. First of all, the German Stock Exchange will provide market dataand related services of German stocks, index stocks and European futures exchanges to Chinese institutional investors through the Wind financial terminal; in addition, German Stock Exchange will share news information and research report data to invest in China The authors share in-depth macro strategies, company research and industry trends. Finally, the two sides will further explore cooperation opportunities in joint training and investor education to provide services to Chinese investors from multiple dimensions.

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Shanghai Stock Exchange may introduce T + 0 transaction 

May 29th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange responded to the recommendations made by the deputies and committees on the capital market during the 2 sessions of National Conference in 2020 that it's time to introduce T + 0 transaction to ensure market liquidity and reflect the true pricing. As the Shanghai Composite Index has become the most representative index of A shares, more and more market participants believe that it is necessary to adjust the existing index compilation methodology to more accurately reflect the performance of the Shanghai stock market and then stabilize investor expectations.

Source from China Equity Journal